Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Office Chair for Long Sitting Hours

Apparently, working in an office typically involves spending tons of your time sitting in an office chair. Unfortunately, prolonged sitting periods during working hours poses several health risks. This is mainly because prolonged sitting periods, in a fixed posture, increases stress in your back muscles and spinal discs. However, choosing the best office chair for long sitting hours can significantly help you avoid problems with your back and help you maintain the right sitting posture. Below are some factors that will point you in the right direction when choosing the best office chair for long sitting hours. There are great recommend chairs for your office: http://bestratedofficechair.com/

Office Chair for Long Sitting Hours

Full Body Support Chair

The first and foremost factor to consider when choosing an office chair fit for long sitting hours is whether it offers full body support. An ideal office chair should be wide enough and deep enough to give you space for your body to move or shift freely are you work on your desk. In order to make sure that your back is given sufficient support, make sure that the back of the office chair you choose is both supportive and flexible. Additionally, the office chair should offer a lumbar support for your lower back

Comfort For Long Time Sitting

It would also be judicious to make sure that the office chair not only offers full body support, but it is also adequately comfortable. The materials used to make an office chair play a focal role as to how comfortable the chair will be. To avoid collecting sweat on your back, you can choose a chair that has a mesh material on the back. An Office chair that is built from genuine leather would be an excellent choice.

Chair Adjustability

When choosing an office chair fit for long working hours, it is important that you consider the adjustability factor. The office chair should have a height and arm adjustment. Adjustability helps in cementing in how the office chair supports your body and its comfort.