Looking For Cheap Jogging Strollers? Consider These Important Points Before You Buy!

Jogging is a way new many parents choose to stay fit. But for years it was very difficult to jog while pushing a stroller. These days, however, relatively cheap jogging strollers have changed all that. Before you go shopping for your new stroller, however, here are some important things to consider.

Jogging strollers incorporate many of the same design features as normal strollers. The few changes that have been made, however, permit them to be safely pushed at a higher rate of speed.

Cheap Jogging Strollers

One of the main changes you will notice is the wheels are larger than those found on standard strollers. Also, when you count the wheels you will find there are only three instead of the usual four!

Having larger wheels will help you navigate the stroller as you jog. Even when faced with uneven surfaces, you will be able to steer your stroller fairly easily.

When shopping for jogging strollers, what should you look for? Remember that a more expensive price doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting a better stroller. Rather than price alone, here are some things you want to consider.

Do you want swivel wheels or fixed wheels? Swivel wheels work better going around corners and inside your home. Fixed wheels are better suited for beach jogging or jogging over snow or gravel.

The seat design is important. If you plan to jog on rough surfaces, look for a seat that has lots of suspension. Some are even built with shock absorbers that smooth out the ride for your little passenger.

On the other hand, some parents plan on jogging only on smooth surfaces. They may prefer a seat that reclines so their child can rest, or even sleep.

Always look for an adjustable seat. As your child grows in size, this feature will ensure that he or she will have a comfortable fit.

It is true that these features may affect the price of the stroller. Often cheap jogging strollers will have fewer features than more expensive models — but not always. Take the time to do your homework!



The most important features of all are the safety features. Look for a stroller that has been certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). You should see a seal on the outside of the box letting you know the stroller you are considering has been inspected.

Why is this certification so important?

Because the ASTM looks for ways a child may become entrapped in the stroller. Safety should always be your first consideration, even over price.

The good news is there are several cheap jogging strollers on the market that should provide you with all the features you need. Hopefully, this discussion will help you find the right stroller for your family.

Just because you are a new parent doesn’t mean you can’t be active. With a new jogging stroller you can spend time with your kids and still get in a five mile run every day!